Saturday, December 15, 2007

Octopus don't fit down the drain!

Christopher likes to pull off the drain cover while he is in the shower. Most recently he has taken to trying to shove things down the drain. A few days ago he put a pirate down the drain, never to be seen again. This morning he shoved an octopus down the drain. He was stuck there just out of reach. Pete brought some clamp home from the office and we were able to reach and get it out. We have now cleaned all the toys out of the shower that have any chance of fitting!

Octopus in the drain:

Who me? I didn't do it!

On a side note, we have been having a problem with static electricity lately:

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Suzanne said...

I can so relate! Our new house has vents in the floor with cover that can be pulled off. Two nights ago, I had to use the extension hose on the vacuum to extract a Diego domino that had made its way pretty far down the vent.

Love Christopher's hairdo! That picture could have quite a few bylines.