Friday, May 2, 2008

100 Things About Me!

Suzie and I have been talking about doing a "100 things" post on our blogs. The following is mine, in no particular order (well, it was the order that it popped in my head)

100 things about me

1. I am happily married.

2.When I met my husband, I thought he was gay. Even after being told he was not, I introduced him to a gay man to get another opinion
3. I was first attracted to my husbands eyes. They are dark with long, thick eyelashes.
4. We have 4 beautiful sons.
5. Our boys all got his incredible eyes
6. I gave birth all 4 times without an epidural
7. My 3rd son was breech and had to be externally turned before he was born
8. I love sugary kids cereal. I frequently have a box hidden in the kitchen. Top of my list is Apple Jacks. Zach knows where my hiding place is
9. I love marsmallow peeps at Easter. I open them and let them get stale before I eat them
10. I have been a vegetarian since 1991.
11. My kids and husband are not vegetarian
12.I hate to wear lipstick. I like the way lipstick looks, but can not stand the feel on my lips
13. I always make the bed before leaving the house, even if I am running late
14. I can not dive into water. The water gets up my nose every time.
15. Although I was raised Baptist, I was never baptized. I am going through RCIA and was recently baptized, confirmed and received first communion in the Catholic church
16. I once passed out while getting my blood drawn.
17. In junior high I had to get stitches on my nose after being hit in the face by a snow ski
18. I was called “Stitch” for the rest of the school year
19. I never learned to type properly, even after taking typing in high school. I still use a 2 finger hunt-and-peck method
20. I ran a half-marathon almost 20 yrs ago.
21. I hope to run both a half marathon and full marathon this year
22. I am afraid I will poop my pants while running the above mentioned marathon
23. I do not like being the center of attention. At all. That aspect of my wedding was difficult for me.
24. I have a tattoo on my back. It is the Celtic symbol for spiritual quest. I thought I was being very deep when I chose it. Now I just tell people I don’t know what it means.
25. My belly button is pierced. I also have an earring on the top of my ear lobe and at the tragus.

26. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 5 yrs old. I remember getting to eat a lot of sherbet
27. I have been a nail and cuticle biter since I can remember. Even when I had fake nails I would gnaw on them
28. I despise broccoli. I can not even stand the smell
29. I love to read about celebrity gossip. I always know who is pregnant, who is dating who, etc… I read Us and People way more than any pediatric journal

30. I get pretty cranky when I am hungry or tired.

31. I have spent a total of 34 months pregnant.
32. 32 weeks of that was spent puking
33. I have spent a total of 4 years and 3 months breastfeeding
34. Thanks to the above, my chest is now a full cup size smaller then before kids. I plan on getting that fixed someday. (Yes, I mean a boob job)
35. My feet, unfortunately, are a full size larger
36. And my hair turned about 2 shades darker/drabber. I fix that with highlights.
37. I get VERY nervous talking to a group of people.
38. I am very shy in social situations.
39. But, I can be aggressive in other situations
40. I am not as patient with my kids as my husband is.
41. I am not a very patient person in general. It drives me nuts when someone is paying with a check at the grocery store. Who does that anymore?
42. I do not wake up happy. I can’t talk until I have my coffee. I have to have coffee every morning. Even before I work out. Even when I was pregnant.
43. My husband knows this and doesn’t even try to talk until I have started drinking my coffee.
44. I drink my coffee every morning with fat free vanilla flavored creamer
45. I do not drink anything with caffeine after noon
46. Despite #42, I consider myself a morning person. I get up at 4:30 am on mornings I work out, 5:30 on other mornings. Sleeping in is 6:30am.
47. I was NOT a morning person before kids. I wasn’t a night person either though. I guess I was a mid day person.
48. I put myself through college waiting tables.
49. I hope to be able to put all 4 of our kids through college so they do not have to work. 50. After owning a digital camera for 6 years, I finally learned how to get the pictures out of the camera and onto the computer. My husband is thrilled.
51. I cry when I hear or read about awful things happening to children.
52. I cried a lot during my pediatric residency.
53. My husband thinks I cry a lot at everything. He is probably right.
54. I love to watch football. I especially like to watch with my husband.
55. I painted almost every room in our current house. It took about a year to complete. I chose fun, bold colors.
56. I was an electrical engineering major for 2 years. I then changed my major to biology
57. I rode a bike from SF to LA twice. I was 6 weeks pregnant the second time. It was a charity ride for AIDS and was a life changing experience
58. I am never happy with how my body looks. Currently I would like to lose 5 lbs.
59. I have been afraid of flying since I had kids. It has gotten worse since 9/11. I was such a basket case on our last trip that my husband says I need to start taking xanax before I fly. I think he is right.
60. I hate running late for anything. I get anxious if I am not at an appt at least 5 minutes early. To me, fashionably late is arriving at the scheduled time.
61. I do not like being told what to do. My natural reaction is to do the opposite. This is very juvenile and I am working on it.
62. I went to 5 different elementary schools. One of the schools was in American Samoa. It was a one room school house and I was the only 4th grader

63. I skipped 5th grade.
64. I went to 1 middle school.
65. I went to 3 different high schools.
66. I want my kids to stay in the same school system throughout their school career
67. I graduated with a degree in Biology from University of California, Irvine.
68. I got my medical degree from University of California, San Francisco.
69. I loved living in San Francisco!!
70. I am a general pediatrician.
71. I love my job, but feel very torn, and at times wish I was a stay at home mom.
72. I have been to the following countries—Samoa, Canada, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica
73. I love to travel!
74. I drinks lots of caffeine free diet coke and diet root beer
75. I will not drink diet pepsi
76. I am not good about drinking water.

77. I like the taste of amoxicillin. I will lick the medicine dropper after giving it to the kids. I will even drink what is leftover!
78. I love the color pink. I buy a lot of pink clothes (why not? I am the only one in my family who can wear it).
79. Pete has asked me not to buy any more pink clothing.
80. I do not like to dance in front of people. The last time I did was probably at our wedding.
81. I can not carry a tune while singing
82. I think I have a bad temper.
83. I cuss when I am angry (but not in front of the kids!)
84. I think I have a good sense of humor (but doesn’t everyone think that about themselves?). But I really do.
85. I consider myself a fairly liberal democrat (see # 69) Go Hillary!!
86. I love Mexican food. I could eat it every day and not get tired of it.

87. I went sky diving 3 times in college and loved it!

88. I would never do it again. I am terrified of dying and leaving my kids without a mom.
89. When I was 18, my dream car was a candy apple red Ferrari. I vowed to have one. I currently drive a 2002 Toyota Sienna mini-van. Now my dream car is a gold/brown 2008 Town & Country mini-van with seats that swivel and a drop down DVD player. A girl can dream!
90. I have really thick hair. As an adult I have grown to appreciate it. As a teen I was annoyed by how long it took to dry!
91. I have been plucking/waxing my eyebrows since I can remember. If I didn’t I would have a uni-brow.
92. Christopher has inherited this uni-brow. Poor kid.
93. I think people think I am more “together” then I really feel. I frequently feel overwhelmed with the ever present list of things to do at home, work and with the kids. I always feel like I should be doing more then I do.
94. I swore I would never work at McDonalds.
95. My first job when I was 16 was at McDonalds. I had a bad sunburn on my face on my first day. I had to work the entire shift at the fish fryer . I wanted to quit. I ended up working there for about 2 years!
96. My favorite vegetarian recipe is my black bean soup
97. I am covered in freckles. I hate it.
98. I love my boys.
99. I love my husband.
100. I love my life!!


Suzanne said...

YAY! I had forgotten about some of these things about you and then I learned a few more things about you. All the more reason to love you and be glad we are friends! Thanks for the push to do my 100 too.

cardiogirl said...

How fun! Because I know you are a pediatrician I would have *never* guessed you have a tattoo and a piercing in your belly button.

You looked so cute pregnant in that picture, like you simply had a strap-on basketball that was tan.

Before I had kids I thought people thought I was more together than I really am. Now I'm trying to embrace that "forgetful, unorganized, zany chick" persona that I seem to have morphed into.

I also loved that you introduced your husband to a gay friend to get more research!

Karly said...

This was fun! My 100 things post was boring.

I can't believe you like Amoxicillin. EW. Also, my feet grew a size and a half after my first pregnancy. Thankfully they didn't grow any more with my second.

Steph said...

I loved reading this. We actually have alot of things in common. Maybe this will get me motivated to do my own 100. :)

Andi said...

That was a good read! We have quite a few things in common! I cannot BELIEVE you cannot type can you manage???

I'm having fun catching up on your blog!

Kelly said...

you lick the medicine dropper!! yucky thats the weirdest thing you wrote!! LOL

Michelle Contini(the one that isnt you lol) said...

Hi there! So if im reading correctly your name is Michelle Contini? That is also my name! I would love to meet another person with my same name. I don't know if Contini is your surname or if you married into it (I married into mine). Either way I would love to chat with you. If you ever want to know another Contini my email is Have a great day! :)