Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Vincent!!

Today is Vincent's 4th birthday! He had a bit of a rough start, and at this time 4 yrs ago was still intubated. Here he is at 3 days old:

Here are some things about Vincent:

-My family tells me he looks alot like me. I have seen pictures of myself as a young child and definitely see the resemblence!
-He knew his alphabet before he turned 2
- He loves to wrestle and is constantly jumping on and tackling his brothers (much to their annoyance)
-He loves to sing and can actually carry a tune (unlike Pete and I). He will sing anything from kids songs to Maroon 5 to Hannah Montana.

-He also loves to dance! He seems to get his style from Elaine on "Seinfeld"
-He talks non-stop. He talks in long, complex sentences, sometimes about nothing. Peter and I are already anticipating many calls from school in a few years.
-He likes to give hugs and snuggles.
- Like his brothers, he has ridiculously long, thick eyelashes. When we are out and about I always here comments from people about his eyes.
-He makes us all laugh on a daily basis with his silliness

Happy Birthday Vincent! We love you!


Suzanne said...

I distinctly remember the day Vinny was born. I spoke with you numerous times as I drove to Oceanside. I love Vinny's spunk!

Andi said...

Happy Birthday, little man! He is so handsome!