Friday, May 9, 2008

Of Mice and Song

Joey's kindergarten class had 2 events for mother's day.  The first was a class play called "Mother's Day Mice"  based on the childrens book.  They were so adorable and I was impressed with the props and costumes for a 15 min class play.  Joey was one of the owls.

The second event was the big Mother's Day program.  The class sang several mother's day songs and recited some poems.   Joey spoke his line loudly and clearly!  There was a tissue on each seat, and I needed it.  Their rendition of "You Light Up My Life"  left all us moms bawling!  I should have remembered this from Zach's class.  Here it is, grab a hanky.

After the program, we went back to the classroom and were served cake by our children.   Joey also made me a beautiful plate to go along with the one made by Zach in kindergarten.  I can't wait to have the full set!


Suzanne said...

Love the title of this post and the picture of the two of you. This was a good use of your time off. :-)

cardiogirl said...

Look how happy you two are! What a nice photo for Mother's Day.