Sunday, October 5, 2008

My husband is a stud!

Today Pete ran the San Jose Rock-n-Roll half-marathon. He did awesome! He finished in 1 hr 32 minutes. More importantly he looked great when he came in and felt much better than after the NYC half- marathon. The boys and I went down to see him cross the finish line. It was exciting to watch the winners coming in. The male winner came in at 1:01, which is a pace of 4:50 per mile. I can not even fathom running 1 mile that fast.

Waiting at the finish line for Daddy. We hope he wins!

13 miles? That was nothing!

"We are so proud of our Daddy!"

You looked amazing today Peter! Way to go!


Suzanne said...

Awesome job, Pete! It's nice to see that big grin of accomplishment and satisfaction. So, when's the next race?

Anonymous said...

I am proud of Peter too, and Karl wants to know if he has a big gut now haha!! Love Mom


Great job Peter, and Michelle your boys look so cute!!!
~Anne, RAB mom

Stacey said...

Great job!!!!