Thursday, December 18, 2008

A decade of Zachary

Zachary, As we celebrate your 10th birthday today, I find myself looking back at all the wonderful gifts you have given us.

You were my first child, the one that taught me what unconditional love truly meant. Also the one I had to learn on, trying out my new parenting skills!

Happy 1st birthday!

Oh the joys of toddlerhood! You were active and passionate, even back then!

Happy 2nd birthday !

You are such a joy to be around. So full of life and energy. You experience the highest of highs and feel things deeply.

Happy 3rd birthday!

Three, the age that you became a big brother. Nothing brought a bigger smile to our face then seeing you love and care for Joey. You continue to care for all your brothers like only you can.

Happy 4th birthday!

Such an empathetic preschooler you were. Your preschool teachers would tell us how concerned you got whenever someone was hurt or crying, always rushing to their side to see if you could help. You continue to show concern for others, always the caretaker.

Happy 5th birthday!

It was so exciting to see you head off to kindergarten. To see the joy of learning in your eyes. I love seeing how big a reader you have turned into. I see glimpses of myself as I catch you staying up past your bedtime, just so you can read a little more.

Happy 6th birthday!

You learned to ride a two wheeler when you were 6. You certainly fought it at first! A perfectionist, you don't like to do something if you can't do it just so. But with a little pushing, you did it. I am so proud of you!

Happy 7th birthday!

You have an awesome sense of humor, always making us laugh. Dad and I sometimes can't figure out where you come up with the things you do. I like to think you got your sense of humor from me!

Happy 8th birthday!

You are so inquistitive, about so many things. It was your questions about God and religion that prompted us to start going to church. It was your desire to learn more and start catechism classes that inspired me to take classes as well and convert to catholicism. You make sure we don't waste water and that we recycle (although you hate being the one to take it out!). You even followed the election this year , asking us many important questions.

Happy 9th birthday!

You are responsible and trustworthy. Always following the rules. You were so excited to be on the school safety patrol this year. A perfect mix for you of helping kids out of the car, while making sure the grown ups follow the rules!

Happy 10th bithday!

I are so proud of the young man you are becoming . I am so torn between excitement at seeing you grow up, and sadness at missing the little boy you no longer are. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do and gifts you bring to our family.

Love, Mom


Suzanne said...

Hard to believe that little cue ball wearing the tie dye bib is now that big kid making tie dye pillowcases. This is a great chronicle of who Zach is to date. Happy 10th birthday, Zach! Any many more!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Zach!
That was so well written. Justin my oldest will be 10 in April. I can not believe that one.

msmichelel said...

Michelle - happy birthday to your son! he sounds like an awesome kid. My oldest is 9 /12 and it was fun reading your post as my oldest sounds a bit like yours!

cardiogirl said...

What a great retrospective for Zachary! Well thought out and full of love.

Well done. And happy birthday Zachary.