Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy 5th birthday Vinnie!

Vincent on his first birthday

Vincent is 5 years old today! Five always seems like such a big year to me. They are about to start kindergarten, they have lost that toddler baby chub, they are even starting to wipe their own butts. They are becoming big kids. Having Vincent turn 5 means I am now down to one baby! Wahhh!!

Vincent is easily our most creative kiddo. He loves to draw and color and is so imaginative. He will spend time crawling on all fours and pretending to be a dog, or oodles of time setting up his dinosaurs in elaborate positions all over the toy room floor.

Recently Christopher has been interested in the brio train tracks. Vincent is awesome at making up different track configurations for him (while Peter on the other hand had to google "train track ideas" just to come up with some!)

Here is Vincent with one of the tracks he made for Christopher:

Here is a sampling of some of Vinnie's art work.

"A Fast Ball"

"A Cool Dude"
"Eggy the Cat"

"Henry Horse"

"A llama the hama" ( I have no idea what that means)
"Batty" He drew lots of these in October.


"Terra" He drew lots of dinasaurs. These two are just a tiny sampling of the pages of dinosaurs he has done.

Happy birthday my Vinnie boy!


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Vinnie! I remember just where I was when your mommy called to tell me you arrived exactly five years ago today. I love your imagination and your creativity. Keep up the neat drawings.

Andrea said...

Look at those awesome cupcakes!

Happy 5th Birthday Vincent! 5 does seem so BIG!

He is quite the little artist isn't he? My 5 year old best drawing is a stick figure person with a HUGE head!

Laura said...

He is SOO cute! ANd I am such an ass...when I saw the 1st pic of him in the high chair, I thought,"He is 5 and still in a high char????"

Yeah...time to go to bed!!!

Happy BIrthday! And love the name!My dad is Vincent and my youngest is Luke Vincent!!!