Monday, August 24, 2009


We are venturing into some new territory here in the Contini household--Pop Warner football! Zach has been asking to play tackle football for the last couple of years. We just weren't comfortable with the idea, and convinced him to play soccer for a bit longer.

Zach is the one wearing the blue socks

Well, this year we said yes. We knew who the head coach was going to be, and knew he would make it a good season for Zach.

It has been tough! Practices started on August 1st, and have been 5 days a week, 2 hours a day since. The first 10 practices were straight conditioning. Zach has been doing great!

Sunday was their first scrimmage. It was a lot of fun! Zach did quite well. He was a bit disappointed in the amount of playing time he got. It is a good learning experience for him though. Football is a much harder game to learn than baseball or soccer. Most of the boys on the team have played before, so they know the game better. Zach is used to being one of the better kids on a team, and in getting lots of playing time. This is new for him.

I have no doubt that Zach will improve quickly, and get more playing time as the season moves on.

As for us? Our weekends are now officially over until November. Joey and Vinnie have started soccer (and Pete is coaching both of them) and they have games on Saturday. Football games are on Sunday. Throw in all of their practices during the week, and our calendar is pretty much filled up. Awesome!!

After Sundays practice game, there was a team swim party I loved this picture of Zachary jumping in the pool!

Go Mustangs!!


Suzanne said...

I'm not surprised Zach is up to the challenge of learning a new sport. It's in the Contini blood!

Katie said...

Oh my, the kids still look so small to be playing football! I've already told Kaylee a number of times that if she wants to play football she has to be the kicker. I have a while though, she's only two. Nice post. ;)