Saturday, October 31, 2009

And now for the costumes...

Zachary was a hippie

Joey was the Joker
Vinnie was Indiana Jones

Christopher was a dinosaur

We are lame. I wore my standard witch costume (a fat witch apparently. I look enormous!) Peter is a "I don't dress up kind of guy." At the last second he decided to be a soccer coach, which is pretty much what he is EVERY Saturday in the fall. Way to be creative Pete.


cardiogirl said...

Those costumes are great! And be still my heart, are those Converse low tops on young Christopher?

I think they are and that means I love his costume best although they all look so cute.

Well done!

Suzanne said...

I love when costumes come togethr that look exactly like what they are supposed to be and there's none of that, "Hmm. Yes, and you? What are you supposed to be?"

And you? A fat witch? Get over yourself! :-)

Katie said...

I love the picture with all four kiddos! Precious! I think Indy would be my favorite costume, but I'm biased. I love those movies!