Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey God, Sorry about Mass this morning...

It wasn't our best day at Mass today. It had barely started when I got paged. Pete went outside to deal with the issue, and didn't return until the Eucharist. Meanwhile, Zach was being a total pain, arguing with Vinnie and shaking his fist at him. Finally I had had enough and sent Zach outside. He also didn't return until the Eucharist. Fr Larry called the children up for the homily, so Joey and Vinnie went up. Vinnie then starting talking to the priest about some game he played, won some coins, blah, blah, blah. The entire parish was cracking up as I sank further into my seat. Fr. Larry finally got Vinnie to stop talking so he could finish the Mass. Meanwhile I was paged again, had 1 kid who needed to use the bathroom, and 2 more trips to the water fountain. Before Communion, Joey started having "stomach issues" (ie. was farting so I sent him to the bathroom) and he spent the rest of the Mass in the bathroom trying to poop. I was exhausted by the time Mass ended.

I certainly didn't want Zach to think he got away with something by being sent out of church for the majority of Mass. When we got home I made him go to his room and read the readings from Mass along with his Magnifikid magazine (it follows through the entire Mass for kids) and write a summary of each of the readings. I am guessing he won't act that way in church again.Seriously, does this kid have the worst handwriting ever?!


cardiogirl said...

You know, it is amusing when someone else's kid engages in small talk with the priest.

But not when that's your kid. We've had limited success with sitting between our kids. However, this means there is a kid on the end of the aisle who could run away at any time. We usually put the nine and six year old on the ends and trap the four-year-old in between us.

We also promise a donut after Mass if everyone sat still, kept their hands to themselves and watched the priest the entire hour.

Yep. We've withheld the donut after for poor behavior. That goes over like a lead balloon.

I like the idea of making my older kid write out her take on the readings. Well done.

Lastly, I've gotten into the habit of sending Kid 1 or Kid 2 to the bathroom/drinking fountain with Kid 3. It actually works quite well with a minimum of dawdling.

At least you made it to church yesterday. We, uh, didn't. (mumbles sorry God.)

Suzanne said...

At least your kid was not on the altar yesterday boxing and fighting with his imaginary light saber like mine was during Mass Participation yesterday. Front and center. Thank you very much. Oh, and did I mention the traffic of said child's finger from nose to mouth?

Kudos for the Magnifikid exercise. That was smart thinking on your part.

Suzanne said...

PS. When Bill looked at your post, he said, "Hey, Zachary's handwriting is better than mine." And he's right.

Peter said...

mom please do what cardiogirl does and i will behave at mass. (the donut part!) it will make me happy LOL find out who i am! LOL

Anonymous said...

the above isn't dad it is me! Zcah

Anonymous said...

lol do you Konw waht tihs maens