Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poor Zach!

Damn. The picture says it all. I didn't know they still put kids in these torture devices!

The worst part was, he didn't even know it was coming. He had an orthodontist appointment yesterday morning that I thought was just a quick check on his retainer. I dropped him off on my way to work and told him "No worries Zach, just a quick look at your retainer to make sure you haven't broken anything. Call Mona (our nanny) when you are done and she will come get you."

I came home from work to find him in the above get up. I felt so bad for him. He has to wear it 14 hours a day, sleeping in it. He took it in stride though and hasn't complained once. And I promise to pay a little more attention to what is coming up during his treatment!


Katie said...

Ugh, that does stink! I've never needed anything done to my teeth (no braces, cavities, I even have all my wisdom teeth...I must have a really big mouth), but my poor brother needed braces and then later a retainer and headgear. It really irritated him when he had to sleep in it, and I can completely understand why. It looked awful! He does have beautiful teeth now though, so I don't think he regrets the effort.

Anonymous said...

mom it is 12 hours at the least


Suzanne said...

Geez! Poor Zach!

Headgear hasn't changed much over the years. The good news is that Zach's smile is just going to get better and better.

cardiogirl said...

Hopefully Zach can wear it after school and while asleep so he doesn't have to deal with other kid's being punks.

But he still seems to carry it off with a certain panache.

Anonymous said...
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