Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Valentines Day! The boys' all had their Valentine's parties in class last week. I decided to make sugar cookies for them to bring. I honestly thought that it would be a simple thing to do. And it was simple, but it took forever!

Rolling, cutting out, decorating and bagging almost 100 sugar cookies takes a lot of time. I will remember that for next year!

Vinnie made a special card for Alle, the girl he wants to marry.

She gave him something special as well. How cute are they?!

What don't I love? Packing for a family of 6 to go skiing. We leave tomorrow for Utah. Woo hoo!


Suzanne said...

Sweet valentines all around at your house.

Glad to see those helmets. Have a great trip! I'll miss you!

Katie said...

Oh my, sugar cookies are sooo time consuming! Kaylee loves them though, so we make them a few times a year. But blah, They are definitely not my thing. That was such a nice idea for Valentines though!

Have a great time skiing!

Anonymous said...

I don"t know how or where you find the time to do what you do. The cookies look yummy. What a good mom and baker you are and what lucky boys you have!! Your #1 fan!!