Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two down, two to go...

Sunday was Joey's First Communion. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and we were so excited to have Grandma Liz in town for the big event.

Nani also joined us at Mass. Joey looked so handsome in his new clothes. I fell in love with the tie when I saw it at Nordstroms. First of all it is a zip tie, which was so easy to put on and looks awesome. Secondly, was the pattern. It has little baseball players on it! Love it!

Joey presented the gifts with Sophia, who we know very well from school, sports, etc... They looked adorable together. Vinnie kept asking if she was getting married, and if she wasn't why was she wearing wedding clothes?

Joey did great, and much to my relief didn't gag (he gags and throws up very easily).

Here is Joey's class. We belong to a small and very cozy parish. Father Larry spoke to each of the kids during the homily. I really love this church for that. (Of course the down side is, Father Larry also knows when you do not show up for Mass!)

Here is the banner that Joey and I worked on. (2 down, 2 more to go...)

Since we have a niece who is receiving her first communion this coming up weekend, we are having a big combined party then. Instead we went out to a nice lunch in Los Gatos.

The weather was so nice, that the kids decided to hit the pool after lunch. I guess this counts as the first official swim of the season!



Suzanne said...

Happy First Communion, Joey! You are so special.

I'm glad you clarified that there is a joint party coming but that Joey had had his first communion. I thought I was losing my mind which could have been very likely after the weekend I had.

You did a very nice job on the banner. Pretty soon you will be making your own kits to sell. :-)

cardiogirl said...

Congratulations! Isn't it exciting planning for the First Communion? My middle daughter is going to make hers next spring and I can't wait.

That banner is awesome! They didn't make any for our first daughter's First Communion and we'll be at a new school next year (our current school is closing.)

Glad you had wonderful weather, congrats again!