Friday, July 9, 2010

Palm Springs 2010

This year we headed to Palm Springs for our family vacation. We wanted to go somewhere where we could spend the days relaxing by the pool, preferably within reasonable driving distance. And yes, we were aware that the temperatures in Palm Springs are over 100 degrees on a daily basis.

We drove down to Southern California to get in a quick visit with my mom and grandma. We also picked up my 8 year old cousin Kelly, who joined us on our vacation. The following morning we headed to Palm Springs.
We were thrilled with the resort (Rancho Las Palmas) we chose. The kids were all in one room and we were in the adjoining room. The rooms were nice and spacious.

We had a nice patio to sit on and enjoy our morning coffee and after swim cocktails.

This was the view from our room.

The resort had a great pool area. There was a water play area.

My favorite was the lazy river. I could have napped just floating around.
Christopher and Vinnie loved the beach area.

The perfectly pristine sand went right into the pool.

Pete's favorite was drinking margaritas and daiquiris in the pool.

The big kids loved the 2 water slides ( I have to admit, they were a blast!)

They also loved the R bar-- A sports bar that was open to kids on Monday and Tuesday. There was games to play, Nicolodeon on the TV and Shirley Temples to drink.

Friday night they roll a huge screen poolside and show a movie.

There is an aerial tram in Palm Springs that we checked out. It goes 2 1/2 miles up while slowly rotating 360 degrees.

The views were absolutely breath-taking.

While the temperature at the bottom was 105 degrees, it was a beautiful 75 degrees at the top.

My mom and her friend Daryl came for a couple of days and went with us on the tram.

Apparently there is a lot of wildlife to be seen in the forest at the top of the tram. Unfortunately all we were able to spot was the ever present "whiny preschooler", several sightings of the "bickering siblings" and the usually elusive "bitter pre-adolescent". *

All in all, a successful trip. We were home by July 3rd, just in time to enjoy our neighborhoods 4th of July activities.

I kicked ass in the Fun Run, we watched the bike parade, then hung for a while at the cabana club.

*comments regarding the wild life courtesy of Pete while we were in the forest.


Suzanne said...

Awesome trip! We explored Palm Springs when we were in Loma Linda, but we never rode the tram. There is a great children's museum there and a very cool zoo. Did you get those in?

As usual, great photos too. I treasure the ones of your kids with your mom and grandma.

cardiogirl said...

I gotta say I like that Kelly. She's like a supporting cast member who shows up on special episodes of The Contini Clan.

The movie in the pool looks like so much fun! And naturally a daiquiri in the pool is always fun.

Anonymous said...
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