Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let The Games Begin! (part 2)

Our sports season started with Zachary playing football and Vinnie playing soccer. Joey and Christopher have also started their seasons now.

Joey didn't want to play soccer this year. What he really wanted to do was play Pop Warner football like Zachary, but Pete and I did not think he was ready. For starters it is such a huge time commitment and Joey can't even get through his homework without griping!

So he is playing Fall baseball. It is a little more low key than spring baseball, and looks like fun.

He is excited because he is allowed to lead off and steal bases for the first time. It looks like he is going to spend some time playing catcher, which he likes.

He even got the game ball after the first game!

Christopher is on his very first "team". It is a once a week soccer program for the little ones. Pete said he was very hesitant and nervous for the first couple of minutes, then tore up the field the rest of the time!

The soccer ball comes up to his knees!

I love the look of utter joy on his face in this picture!

Score! Way to go Christopher! Welcome to the world of sports (as a player)!

Zachary's team is now 2-1 after a heart breaking loss today. The next few weeks look pretty rough so let's hope they can turn it around.

He is playing mostly defense, but occasionally fills in on offense.

Vinnie's team is doing well. I am most impressed with how hard Vinnie works and how much he hustles!
Despite this kid who kept trying to push him, he kept going after him!

Finally, Pete and I ran the Quicksilver half marathon this morning. 13.1 very difficult miles on the trails. I ran it last year, but forgot how tough this particular course is! I told Pete it is like childbirth--you forget the pain after the run is over, and before you know it, you are willing to do it again. He is not so sure he will ever do it again. Wimp. That is why women have the babies!

Pete kicked my butt on time (he ran it in 1 hr 50 min to my 2 hr 14 min), but he is hurting a bit more than I right now!

If you click on the above map you can check out the elevation. The first 4 miles is uphill! I was certainly feeling the burn!

Stay tuned, there will be more Contini sports to follow...


Suzanne said...

I am impressed. All. The. Way. Around. You are one athletic family.

cardiogirl said...

It is amazing that the soccer ball goes up to Christopher's knees. I didn't notice that until you mentioned it.

Four miles UP HILL?! My legs are burning just thinking about that. Wow.

And that's a pretty fast pace you got goin' there chica. Congratulations!