Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let The Games Begin! (part I)

It is that time of year again--Fall sports season! Woo hoo!!

Vinnie had his first soccer game on Saturday. When he stops talking, he really is a good little player!

He was constantly moving and really tenacious about sticking with the ball. He scored a goal, which is always thrilling.

Pete is coaching him (again) this year. Big surprise.

He even received a special patch at the end for all his hustling.

Christopher was excited to be wearing one of the extra uniform shirts.

And once again, spent time hanging out at the adjacent park!

Zachary is playing Pop Warner football, and also had his first "preseason" game last Sunday.

We pretty much trounced the other team, although they were a Division II while we are a Division I, so that was expected.

I have to admit, Zachary was pretty disappointed with the amount of playing time he got. I think he was really expecting to play more than he did. During the previous weeks scrimmage he had a lot of playing time and did well, so we all expected him to play more. I felt bad for him. Of course as a mom there is a part of me that wants to swoop in, start emailing people and make it all right, but of course I can't. (Not that it would work anyway). I let him know the season was just starting and if he kept working hard, he would see more playing time.

I hope I am right.


Suzanne said...

There is a special place in heaven for sports parents. You & Pete boggle my mind every year when I read how you not only support your boys' team endeavors but coach them as well. You are awesome.

cardiogirl said...

Ditto on Pete's coaching the team.

Hey, do you ever worry that Zachary will be hurt while playing football? I know there's always the chance with any sport but football seems extra scary to me.

But maybe that doesn't kick in until the boys are heavier -- perhaps in high school.