Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Party

Christopher woke up the morning of his birthday screaming "It's my birthday today!!" That was his battle cry for the day. Everywhere we went he let everyone know-preschool, the grocery clerk, etc...

He loved his pillow pet!

We had his party last weekend. He has been talking about his party for months. He said it was going to be at Happy Hollow and Thomas the Train was coming. He also wanted to have a sleepover party. I had to keep explaining to him that most 4 year olds weren't ready for that!

So we settled on a pool party. The weather was a crazy 90 + degrees out. Friends and cousins came over, including his best friend Michael.

He wanted a Cars cake, so I copied a design I saw at Baskin-Robbins. Mine is quite a bit more lopsided, but Christopher didn't seem to notice!

Big brother Joey helped read the cards.

Hope you enjoyed your party sweet boy!

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Suzanne said...

I definitely hear the influence of bigger sibs in his desires for party venues. I'm glad he had such a great celebration. He's an awesome four year old.