Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baseball birthday

Today we celebrated Joey's birthday with a baseball party!

We started off with the "dizzy bat game". The boys had to put their forehead on the bat, spin around 10 times, then run the bases. It was certainly a lot of fun to watch!

Next was the matching game, where they had to match all the MLB teams with their cities. It was a bit difficult for them, so we had them work in teams.

Next was the obstacle course. This was basically the same one we did at Vinnie's party, where it was a huge hit.

The boys were pretty hungry after that, so we had lunch. What did they eat? Hot dogs, chips and Gatorade of course!

After lunch was the Home Run derby. This was by far the hit of the party. The boys took turns with a wiffle bat and ball, getting credit for a home run if it went over the fence. I seriously think they would have been happy doing this for 2 hours!

I finally managed to pull them away for some cupcakes. I made the baseball's out of fondant and drew the threads with a food marker.

Joey also requested some cake pops. I failed at my attempt to make the lego head cake pops for Vinnie's party, but agreed to give them another try. I think they came out pretty good!

After the cupcakes the boys played "pickle" in the front until their parents came. This was another game they probably could have played all day!

Everyone got to take home a goody bag. The bags contained Big League Chew, baseball cards, baseball tattoos, a small soft baseball and a bag of M & M's.

Team photo!!

All in all, an easy party. We are getting pretty good at these backyard parties and are already planning the theme for Christopher's party in September. Maybe pirates?


Suzanne said...

I'm impressed with the party and even more by the fact that you got the post up on the same day. How many wiffle balls made it over the fence?

Anonymous said...

Awesome cupcakes and cake pops!

MotheringBoys said...


Katie said...

This looks like an amazing party! The cupcakes, pops, organized activities! I hope I can be so creative when Kaylee actually has some friends for a party.

Jen said...

Great idea! I love your creativity! The goodie bags were cute - I like the Big League Chew, I'd forgotten about that stuff.

Art By ASM said...

Thank you for sharing! I am doing a compilation of Caillou and Baseball for my son, he loves both and plays baseball. He will be 4. Thank you for the ideas!

Warmest Regards,