Saturday, July 23, 2011

And now I am in laundry hell!

We picked up the boys from Camp Kennolyn today!!

We saw Vinnie as soon as we arrived. He immediately started talking non stop about all the fun he had!

Joey was also happy to see us. And Zachary? He spotted us across the quad and turned and walked away. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

Cabin introductions were first. Vinnie was in Angels Camp.

Joey was in Davenport with his cousins Peter and Gian.

Zachary was in Jamestown. His good buddy Keaton is to his right.

Pete and I did enjoy the quiet with only 1 child at home, but I was happy to see the boys again!

It was so cute to see Vinnie running around telling Christopher about camp.

We spent a little time with the boys seeing some of their activities. Zachary and Joey did fencing for the first time this year. Vinnie got to try it out today as well.

Zachary and Keaton were being far too goofy to get a decent picture of them.

All of the boys did riflery this year. Joey also did carpentry, archery, outdoor cooking and jr. ropes.

Along with fencing and riflery, Zachary also did swimming, outdoor cooking, outdoor adventure, and archery.

Vincent's other activities included basketball, swimming, archery, drama (Zach said he was great in the camp skit!), and animal care.

Vinnie was the one I was a bit anxious about, since it was his first year. He is such a picky eater, and stubborn as hell about trying anything new. I was talking to one of his CILT's (counselor in training). He mentioned that Vinnie was having issues with eating, and it even worried him enough to go to the head counselor. Apparently the head counselor's response was "We have a saying here--when they are hungry enough, they will eat." And guess what? He did! He was excited to tell us he tried turkey, hot dogs, mashed potatoes, eggs, muffins, and brisket. That alone is worth the cost. I might leave him there all summer next year!

I was mortified to see the state of Joey's shoes!! No wonder all of his socks were black! Poor kid went on the 3 day backpacking trip and hiked for 12 miles in these shoes. Yikes!

And that leaves me with laundry for days. What this picture can't get across is the smell. Blech. All socks and most of their jeans went straight in the trash.

Good-bye Kennolyn! Once again the boys had an amazing time, making memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait until next year!

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Suzanne said...

Another great year at camp for your crew! I'm happy that Vinnie didn't waste away thanks to a wise camp counselor's experience with picky eaters. I'd like to send my boys to (food boot) camp.