Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am afraid for his teen years....

It seems I once again have a story about Vinnie.  I think because he talks non-stop while he is awake, he just comes up with more little gems to share.

This morning while getting ready for school/work, talk about the Lotto jackpot came on the news (it is at over 200 million for you non-Californians).  Here is the conversation that ensued.

Vinnie: "Wow.  I would like to win that much money!  I don't want to move houses though.  I would just buy things."

Me: "Yeah?  Like what?"

Vinnie:  "A hot tub!"

Me:  "But we have a hot tub."  (it is part of our pool)

Vinnie: "No.  I want a different hot tub.  For sitting in with the ladies!"  (the mischievous look on his face was priceless!)


As for this next tidbit, I have no idea how it came up or what they were talking about prior, as I heard it while walking past their door.

Vincent to Christopher:  "A bagina (not a typo.  that was how he said it!) is a penis for a girl!"  This was followed by hysterical laughter from them both.

Great.  Christopher is getting his sex ed from Vincent.

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Suzanne said...

I can always count on Vinnie for a good chuckle and thanks to the blog, we can all hold it over his head when he is a teenager and beyond.