Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ski Week 2012

Last week was our annual ski trip to Deer Valley, Utah.  As always, we had an amazing time!!

We had a ridiculously early 6 am flight, which means we were up at 3:30 am.  That didn't prevent Vinnie from talking my ear off the entire flight!

Unfortunately our British cousins weren't there the same week as us, but my Aunt Margie and cousin Kelly were there.  My Auntie Dede (who we always stay with) is on the far right.

Ready for the first day of skiing!
Christopher had lessons for the full 5 days.  We skied a few runs with him though, and were shocked at how well he did!  No fear, flying down the hills, trying to jump.  Next year we will have him ski with us for a day or two.

Vinnie had ski school for 3 days, and skied with us for 2 days.  He did a great job on the blues, and even tackled some easy blacks, no problem.  He probably could have done even harder runs if Pete and I weren't such wimps!

Joey was in ski school for 2 days, and skied with us for 3.  He also did great!  He can kick our butt on the moguls.  He skied with Zach for half a day, and despite telling Zach NOT to take him on any of the bowl runs, they went anyway and apparently Joey did really well!

What can I say about Zach?  He did Deer Valley's Teen Escape program the first day so that Pete and I could do a lesson.  He had such a great time hanging out with other teen boys he did it for a second day.  It was a great chance for him to ski some of the harder areas and bowls of Deer Valley (because Pete and I won't go near those areas!).  He skied with us for a couple of days, but did go off on his own or with Joey to ski.  (Of course only after we bought him a fancy lunch!).  It made me a bit nervous letting him ski alone, but Pete put the ski patrols number in Zach's phone and I made him promise to stick to stuff he knew.  Other than a face plant that left him with a fat, cut up lip (thanks to his braces) he pretty much came back in one piece.  The last day he was very quiet and happily skied the easy stuff with us.  That night we figured out why--he was burning up with a fever and ended up having pneumonia!  Poor kid!  It certainly made him easy to be around though.

Pete and I always go out alone to a nice dinner in downtown Park City.

And we always take out the kids to a "family friendly" restaurant in Park City.

Thank you Auntie Dede and Uncle Harry for always opening up your home to us!

Good bye Deer Valley!!  We hope to be back next year! 

And what do the Contini's have in store for them now?

Baseball season!  The above is what our March calendar looked liked before March even started.  With 4 kids in baseball, a "free day" is something we won't  see again until June!

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Suzanne said...

Holy cow! You always pack a ton in your ski trips. That was not a vacation. That was a snow marathon.