Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are offically a zoo!

I decided that taking care of a husband, 4 boys, 2 snakes and a tank full of guppies just wasn't enough.  Poor Vinnie kept trying to cuddle with the snakes and they just weren't having it.  It was time for a mammalian pet.

I love cats, and since I am the caretaker of all pets in this house, a cat it will be.

We found a rescue shelter in Redwood City with a litter of kittens (actually, the kittens were in a "foster home".  That struck me as funny).  The boys and I went to visit and they played with the litter and attached themselves to 2 of them.  Of course they picked out the 2 boy kitties.  My queen status in this house remains intact.


Pablo  (as in Pablo Sandoval, the SF Giants player)


Buster!!  (as in Buster Posey, the Sf Giants catcher)

Aren't they adorable??

They are maniacs, chasing each other all over the place and pouncing and wrestling constantly.  In fact, we considered naming them Christopher and Vinnie, who act the exact same way!

They are great with the kids, not skittish at all.

They even help Zach with his homework!

Now who can recommend a good cat litter that doesn't stink??  I bought "The World's Best Cat Litter" but don't like it.


Anonymous said...

I Love my Grandkitties can't wait to meet them

Jody said...

I LOVE when kids pick the pet names!! Max had lizards named Cecelia Sanchez and George Washington! So cute.

Suzanne said...

Aw! They are cuter than I ever imagined.

Katie said...

They are super cute! I don't know how you do it though. 4 kids AND a house full of pets. Kaylee keeps asking for a puppy, and I'm all "Kaylee that would be like having another baby..." Speaking of, the little one is calling to me. ;)