Sunday, July 8, 2012

This mornings exictement!

Buster is our climber.  A few weeks ago he learned to climb on the roof of the play structure.

Unfortunately he didn't know how to get down.  No biggie, Pete was able to get him down.

This morning I was upstairs and heard the cat meowing.  I ran out to the back yard to find this:
Buster had climbed up the cypress tree.  Doesn't look too bad though, does it?

Look how high up he was!!  You can barely see him at the end of the pool skimmer.  Pete tried to coax him in the net.  He wasn't budging.  I seriously thought we would have to call the fire department.  Pete went to find the ladder (not that it would reach him). Buster decided to try and step over to the next tree.  He stepped on a smaller branch which bent forward, barely holding his weight.  I ran under him, just as the branch gave way and he fell, right in my arms.

A few scratches on my arms, but all was well!

I hope he learned his lesson, but if he is like the rest of the kids in this house, I doubt it!

On another note, as you can see in the pictures above, we have traded in our play structure for a trampoline!

It is a Springfree trampoline.  Reportedly the safest trampoline out there, complete with a basketball hoop.  The kids love it and ran out there first thing this morning.  Our poor neighbor was treated to my kids screaming at 7:30 this morning.  Sorry Pat!!

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Suzanne said...

You and Pete are an awesome team. When you're not out fixing kids, you're saving felines.