Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween!!  It has turned from a one evening Holiday to an entire season.

 We started on Sunday at The Saratoga Country Club Halloween party.  Thankfully there was a TV in the bar so we could watch the Giants game!

 The school parade is always a blast for the kids.  Above is Vinnie's class.

Chris with his good friend Kyle
 Above is Joey's class--you can barely see him peaking up in the back.

And Christopher's class--he was so thrilled to finally be part of the parade!

 The kids all ready for trick or treating--The younger bunch took off first.

 Followed by the big guys (who are still out as I am typing this!)

I always have fun with the pumpkins.  For Vinnie's -- Fear the beard!  (If you aren't a Giants fan that one will make no sense to you)

 A skull--not a good one for me.

I tried carving this silver pumpkin, but it was very hard and thick.  I broke 3 carving knives and still hadn't gotten anywhere.  I gave up and just colored it in.

 The vampire pumpkin with his vampire babies.

My favorite one!  How perfect is this for a pediatrician?

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween filled with Hershey bars and skittles!


Suzanne said...

You guys had great pumpkins and costumes this year. Happy Halloween!

Katie said...

I love seeing all the pics from your holiday stuff! You guys always look great and super happy! Our Halloween has been a bit of bust this year. Trick or treating was postponed until Sunday (in our town) due to the hurricane, and the event at my work (which is so very awesome) was just completely cancelled. Boo!

Oh, and sort of random, but you are way too hard on yourself about the whole marathon time thing. Marathons stink! I get how you feel though. I guess in the running area, I've had a good couple of years, but I sometimes feel disappointed in the work area. Before the kids, I was on the "fast track" (whatever that means), but since the kids were born I only work 24 hours a week. I've had to turn down a number of opportunities. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to get back on track when I go back full-time in another 3 years. (I'll only be 36, so I'd like to think I can.) And now I'm seeing that the people excelling are working 60 plus hours a week! I can't do that and still be there for my kids...

So I totally get how you feel. I'm just here to say you're awesome so you shouldn't feel that way. ;)