Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spidey Party!

Christopher's birthday party was all set for last Wednesday.  So of course that means he spent Tuesday night up with a fever and vomiting.  Ugh!!  ("Just give him some motrin", said Pete.  "He will be fine."  That is coming from your friendly neighborhood pediatrician.  I think he was trying to drum up more business)  No worries, we rescheduled the party for Sunday!  At Christopher's request, the theme was Spiderman.

 We started out with one of Pete's famous obstacle courses.  No, it doesn't have anything to do with Spiderman, but who cares!

 The course featured climbing over ladders and jumping over tubs filled with water.  Don't fret, our homeowner's insurance is all paid up!

 The second activity was the jello spiders.  I had bowls of red jello with lots of plastic spiders floating about.  The kids had to use chopsticks to get them out.

 They loved it and even more importantly, it took up some time!

 Next up was the Spiderman- silly string game.  I hung several pictures of Spiderman's enemies all over the backyard.

 The kids wore Spiderman masks and were armed with silly string (their spidey webs). 
 They then ran all over spraying the enemies with the silly string.  This was a huge hit!  They were going crazy, running all over the place, spraying like mad.  You should have seen the mess left in the backyard!

 After the silly string, it was pizza time!

 Followed by jumping in the trampoline.  (And yes, I have seen the AAP's statement against trampolines.  Hogwash.  What are we supposed to do?  Wrap our kids in bubble wrap lest they get bumps or bruises??)  Thankfully none of the pizza made a repeat appearance.

 Musical chairs using Spiderman plates.  Such a simple old school game, but the kids get a total kick out of it.

Finally it was time for cake.  Christopher wanted the oreo bundt cake that I made for Zach's birthday (it is good!).  My attempt to make it look like a Spidey cake was red icing and a Spiderman crawling up the side.  Not my usual fancy decorated cake, but I had no time!

My favorite picture of the day, taken by my mom on her cell phone.  The look on Christopher's and Ewan's face is priceless!

Surrounded by presents!  Hope you enjoyed your party little man!!


Suzanne said...

THAT was an awesome party, friend! Next time Pete does an obstacle course, I want to see video footage.

Care to share the oreo bundt cake recipe, please?

Andrea said...

So many things I loved about this:

1. Pete was willing to host a party even with a vomiting child:)

2. Obstacle course and old-school games, reminds me of my childhood parties

3. That as a pediatrician (actually 2) you have a trampoline and support them:) I agree we cannot bubble wrap kids and they need exercise!

cardiogirl said...

Don't tell anyone, but I thought the trampoline looked like an awesome time and I would have taken a spin on it if I had the chance.

Then I read the disclaimer and decided that my parenting license would be taken away since worrying about potential injuries didn't even cross my mind.

You always have the best birthday parties -- excellent job!