Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Buster" 3/1/12- 12/20/12

I am so sad, crying as I write this.  One of our cats, Buster was hit by a car tonight.  Our neighbor found him in the street and ran to get me.  We rushed him to the hospital, but he died in my arms on the way.  They tried to resuscitate him but were not able to.

Buster as a kitten
 I called Pete and he came rushing over with the 3 younger boys (Zach was out with a friend, and still does not know)
Buster with his brother and best buddy Pablo
 The hospital was wonderful and gave us all the time we needed. The kids and I were sobbing.  I feel so awful.  Awful for the kids, awful for Pablo (what will he do without his brother??), and awful for me.
Buster when he climbed high up in the tree!
 I always whispered to Buster that while Pablo belonged to the boys, he was mine.  He cuddled with me every morning.  I loved that cat.
He was so much fun, and had his own little quirks.  He would steal my hair bands and run all over the house with them.  He loudly let us know when he was ready to eat.  He loved to cuddle with his brother and they would lick each other.
Always together
It just doesn't seem fair.  We only had him for 7 months.  They were not outside that much, and I usually tried to bring them in before dark.  In fact, we did call him in 10 minutes earlier, but he wanted to stay so we let him.  Now wishing I could turn back the clock and just bring him in.
Enjoying the Christmas tree

Watching the kids grieve is tearing out my heart.  "He didn't even get to have his first birthday"  "He won't get to have Christmas"  "There will never be another cat like Buster"  I don't know how to help them.  The hospital is making an imprint of his paw for each of the boys to have.  We are having him cremated, then will do something when we get him back.  Suggestions?  We have never been through this before.

Good bye Buster.  You were an awesome cat.  We love you.


Katie said...

So sorry. :( He sounds like a very special cat. I don't think I've gotten over the death of my family dog (which was almost 10 years ago and she died of old age)'s definitely hard.

Anonymous said...

Buster was my grandkitty so I am also very sad :(

cardiogirl said...

This is terrible Michelle. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Those furry little guys climb into your heart the second they walk in your life and you're changed forever.