Friday, March 1, 2013

Napa or bust!

The Napa marathon is now less than 2 days away--ran my last training run this morning.  Yikes!!

Admittedly we have been so busy the last few weeks that I have not had much time to really think/obsess about it.  We were in Utah skiing last week (I was so afraid of getting hurt!) and the week before that was crazy busy getting ready.  We came home this week only to have Joey remember on Monday morning that his science fair project was due on Friday (today).  We hadn't even started it!  Vinny also had a Babe Ruth book report project due on Thursday, and while we brought the book to Deer Valley, I forgot to have him read it.  Sigh.  It was a stellar week in the Contini household.

Joey's project on evaporation-- a bit sparse, but not bad for 3 days!

You open the shirt to find the written report inside.  Again, a half fast job, but it is done!
But, now that both projects are done and turned in, I can obsess about my race!  Did I train enough?  Is my shin going to give me problems?  Am I going to trip on the cat and fall down the stairs injuring myself so I can't run?  Did the kid with strep throat who just hacked in my face get me sick?  And most importantly, how do I look in the outfit I picked out??

My outfit for the race!

I have to admit that this has been my worst training cycle.  Shin splints have been plaguing me since week 2.  I have rolled them and massaged them.  I wear the KT tape and compression socks.  I had to take a week off running twice because they were so bad.  They are still there, but tolerable.  On top of that I was sick 3 times in December and January--first a terrible throat infection, then the worst stomach flu ever, and finally laryngitis.  Unbelievable-- I don't think I have been sick that  many times in the last 3 years combined.  I probably missed another one to one and a half weeks of running because of the illnesses.

Because of the messed up training cycle, I am not sure what to expect of myself.  My ultimate goal is to break 4 hours, but I am not sure if that is a reasonable expectation this time.  My times for my long runs were the following:

18 miles @ 9:32
20 miles @ 9:23
20 miles @ 9:25
21 miles @ 9:17
17.5 miles @9:25 (was supposed to be a 20 miler but was sick with laryngitis and super sore from Crossfit class)
21 miles @ 9:01

 I really did feel good on that last 21 miler, and it was my best time.  A 4 hour marathon is a 9:09 pace, so theoretically based on my last run I should be able to do it.  For some reason on race day though I don't seem to perform the way the race predictors say I should be able to.  C'est la vie-- I will do the best I can, and focus on enjoying the beautiful scenery.  I have some running buddies also doing the race, and am looking forward to seeing everyone there (and by seeing I mean their backs--they will be ahead of me for sure!)

Look out Napa, I am on my way!


Katie said...

Ahhh! I totally forgot you were running a marathon so soon! Good luck! Stinks you've been having shin split issues. There's always something, grrrr. You should take heart in that ALL distance runners are fighting injury at one time or another. Anyway, your long runs have been perfect! And a 21 miler faster than race pace! Woo hoo! I KNOW you have a sub 4:00 in there, but if it doesn't happen Sunday there will be another (and you'll still be a rockstar)! I hope you have a great time and perfect race day!

Suzanne said...

Darn, because I'm not using my google reader right now I missed your prerace post. :( You are my running hero. That's no secret.

Suzanne said...

PS. I have never heard a project called half-fast. I love that!