Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

How is it possible that Halloween is over??  Time is flying and I have been terrible about updating this blog.  Here is our Halloween in a nutshell:

 Vinny wanted to be Steve from Minecraft, his favorite computer game.  Honestly I have no idea what the game is about, but the characters are all pixelated block people.  Of course the stores were all out of the box head so I decided I could make it myself.  I found the right size box at Kinko's and found a link to the printable online.  I printed it up (seen below) and pasted it around the box.  I thought it came it came out pretty damn good.  I bought him the foam pick axe at the store and voila` done!

 Except he lost the pick axe before Halloween.  And Halloween morning he decided he didn't like the way the head moved around when he wore it.  And can he be a zombie instead??   Seriously??

Where's Waldo?  Probably crying in the corner.
I just about lost it.  We pulled the costume box out of the attic and I told him he had to get something out of there.  The Where's Waldo outfit fit so I made him wear that to school.  What you can't quite see in the picture above are the red puffy eyes from all the crying.  He hated his costume.  Didn't Christopher make a cute Obi Wan Kenobi though?

Joey went as one of the Anonymous hackers (how brilliant was that?  And easy!  $10 mask and jacket and pants from goodwill).  Zachary was Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

 I like dressing up at work.  A work costume can be a bit tricky though.  It can't be too scary, or too sexy.  It can't be big and bulky.  I have to be comfortable enough to actually work.  Where's  Wenda fit the bill!

I kept think about Vinny though.  On the one hand, I wanted to ring his neck.  On the other, I felt bad for him.  I wanted him to be happy with his costume.  So at lunch I ran to Party City and bought some make-up, and spent some time watching youtube videos on how to apply zombie make up.

 We ripped and dirtied some of his clothes, made up his face and just like that he was a zombie!  Much easier than that freakin' Steve head.

"Mom, I have a terrible headache"

The Contini pumpkins...

Vampire pumpkin
Avenger's pumpkin

Scary pumpkin

Zombie pumpkin

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

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Suzanne said...

How fun for you guys at Halloween. Excellent job on the minecraft costume! I'm glad it all worked out in the end with the costumes. You look adorable.