Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Break 2014

Hard to believe, but this year was our 10th year going to Deer Valley Utah to ski over the winter break.  As usual we met my aunt and uncle there, my cousin Kelly, and our British cousins.  The snow was amazing, the company fantastic and a wonderful time was had by all.

 All the kids had fun in the hot tub--they all get along so well and have such a good time together.

 When they weren't in the hot tub they were hanging out in what we began to call the party room- mine and Pete's bedroom.

At times we skied with the kids, at times they took off on their own for a bit.

This year was a huge turning point for Chris--he improved in leaps and bounds!  He was able to keep up with his big brothers on any blue, and even tried out a few black runs.  In fact, he went on a black run called Lucky Bill that I would not go on!  Our ski time is slowly coming full circle--for the first several years Pete and I skied alone while all the kids were in ski school.  Then they got good enough to ski with us.  One by one they are now each passing us in ability.  For sure Zach and Vinny are better than Pete and I now.  I think Joey is pretty close as well.  After watching Chris ski this year he is very close behind.  Very soon Pete and I will once again be skiing alone because the kids will all leave us behind for the bowls (you will never catch me on any run with the name bowl in the title.  Ever!!)

A couple of days we got dumped on, making for fantastic snow to ski on.  Take that Tahoe!

 Every year my Aunt Dede buys all of the girls/ladies a matching Deer Valley t-shirt--here we are we this years model.
Uncle Harry with the Vinny and Chris

 After 5 straight days of skiing Pete and I were exhausted.  Friday we had a late night flight home so planned on a quiet day at home, packing and relaxing.  Not Zach though!  He went out with Izzy and Elle for the day.  I am sure they had a blast tearing it up with not a single parent on the slopes.  Everyone came back in one piece so all was well.

Zach and the girls
 Another great family vacation on the books!

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Karen Newsum said...

Love the pics Michelle!
Soooo lovely to see all the kids together. My girls really had a fab time with all of your boys and were very tearful at the thought of not seeing them again in a while.
What a wonderful holiday we had and memories that will always be with us!
Your English cousins xxxxA