Sunday, May 25, 2014

Doctor, heal thyself! Yep, I have the stuff.

Have you ever wondered what is in a doctor's home medicine cabinet?  Let me show you ours!

As physicians we have WAY too much stuff to fit in a small cabinet.  Years ago we organized our medicines in plastic boxes by category--ie. pain and fever reducers, antibiotics, wound care, etc.  Over time other supplies took over the bottom 2 drawers of the boys' bathroom cabinet.  While the box system does keep things organized, it periodically needs to be weeded through and cleaned out.  We have recently started a huge remodel (more on that another time) which was going to require Pete and I moving into the boys' bathroom (Yes, 6 of us in 1 bathroom.  Thank God I have 4 boys and not 4 girls!).  I realized it has been years since our cabinets were cleaned out so I hit them hard.  I was shocked (and maybe a little appalled) at all the crap in the medicine boxes.

A list of medicines found--a few bottles of left over antibiotics, zofran (anti barfing medicine), lots of different creams and ointments, tons of sample sizes of children's tylenol and motrin, inhalers and spacers (Zach was a wheezer when a toddler--no one else has been but we still have all the stuff!), multiple allergy pills and nasal sprays, every possible type of band-aid, bandages and gauze, and a ridiculous amount of mostly full bottles of vicodin, tylenol with codeine and other pain relievers (mostly pills, but some liquid for the kids), some of which expired as far back as 2003.  WTF???  Why all the narcotics??  Good question.  Every time we (mostly I) have some sort of dental/surgical procedure we always get an Rx for those things.  I don't know why I bother to fill it.  I hate them as they usually make me throw up which I remember after the first dose, then decide I prefer the pain.  Then we always keep the left overs "in case of emergency".  Not sure what type of emergency we are expecting that is going to require 5 bottles of (mostly expired) pain killers.  Needless to say I got rid of all but the most recent bottle (you know, in case of emergency).

And what did I find in the bottom drawers of medical supplies?  A treasure trove.  There were splints and walking shoes (for casts), supplies to suture someone up including lidocaine and needles, several strep tests (which came in handy a couple of weeks ago when Vinny woke up with a fever and sore throat, not one but two blood glucose meters (why do we have those??  Who knows.  No one has diabetes in this house), otoscopes, stethoscopes, thermometers, a cautery (for nail beds), dermabond (skin glue) and other things I am probably forgetting.  Sheesh.

This was after I cleaned it out

In our defense, we do periodically have people dropping by with some injury or illness that they need us to check out, so it helps to have stuff here.  Maybe we need to build a home office as part of our remodel?


Andrea said...

Omg, dying over here! I also hate the effects of vicodin but have kept several bottles full 'in case if an emergency'. Hilarious!

Suzanne said...

Lol, I remember when you were cleaning that out while we talked on the phone. We also have a rather large assortment of home remedies, but not the cautery. I bet that's handy for blood blisters under toe nails, something that gets me after longer races. Can't say we have a glucose meter but now I'm curious to check. I'll have to inventory ours soon. I want ours to look as organized as your pretty shelves and drawer.