Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy 11th Vin-man!!

Today has been all about Vinny--because it's his birthday!!

The traditional belgium waffles and ice cream birthday boy breakfast!

What can I say about Vinny?  I think Zach summed it up best tonight at dinner when he said "Vinny brings energy to a room when he is in it".

Brothers and cousins sking ofr his autograph after his play
Whether it is his singing, acting, joke telling, or his silly sense of humor, things are always interesting and loads of fun when he is around.

Vinny in The Wiz
Scanning through pictures over the last year I was hard pressed to find one of Vinny smiling normal, or not laying the bunny ears on someone.

at a Giants game

Showing me the golden egg from the Easter egg hunt

Guess who won "Most Dramatic" at Drama camp?

Static cling in the trampoline!
Vinny, you make our life interesting and exciting!!  May your 11th year be your best one ever!!


Suzanne said...

Wow! Happy 11th birthday, Master V. I hope You always have that gift of bringing joy wherever you are.

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