Saturday, April 2, 2016

Junior Prom 2016

 Tonight is Junior Prom.  Zach asked a lovely girl named Karina (who he has been talking about for a while now-- I never thought he would get the nerve to ask her!)

They went to the San Jose Country Club for pictures and dinner.

Isn't the corsage gorgeous!

They were invited by his friend Ryan and her date. 

Turns out she had plans/made plans with quite a few of her friends for dinner and pictures.

Most of the girls did not have dates!  I was shocked-- look at all those beautiful girls!  You missed out Leland boys!
5 boys to all of those girls (and more-- as I was leaving 4 or 5 more pulled up!)

Have fun Zach and Karina!

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Suzanne said...

Oh wow! What a handsome couple! I hope they had loads of fun. It looks like a beautiful night for prom.