Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fantasy of Lights--round 2

One of our Holiday traditions is to go to the Fantasy of Lights. It is a large light display in one our local parks that you drive through while listening to Christmas music. We usually go early in the season, but time go away from us this year. I decided I wanted to do it the Sunday night before Christmas. Pete said No, the line would be too backed up, that would be a popular night. I insisted and off we went. Traffic was backed up down a side street, so in line we got, figuring it was probably a 30 minute wait. Ten minutes into our wait we realized we were low on gas and made the mistake of mentioning it out loud where Zach heard it. Zach started to freak out. Well, after we had been in line for 30 minute we passed a sign that said 30 more minutes wait! So much for that. We pulled out of line, went to the gas station, then went home. Pete was right, too crowded. I hate it when he is right!! So, we went again last night, a Thursday. We waited about 5 minutes before getting in! It was great! These pictures don't do it justice, but here are some.
The dinosaurs were very cool and roared!
Nothing says the holidays like a tooth with a Santa hat!

Loved the pirate ship!
Next year we will definietly go earlier!!


Suzanne said...

Cool pictures of the lights!

Eupemia said...

Great work.