Saturday, December 29, 2007

Walking with the dinosaurs!

Today we went to a show called Walking with the Dinosaurs. It is based on the BBC series Chased by Dinosaurs, which takes you back in time to the dinosaurs. It is pretty educational (although, I really wonder how accurate this stuff is. I mean how much info can you get from bones and tracks?) and the boys love it. The live show has a narrator which walks you through the different periods. I kept waiting for Ross from the tv show Friends to pop in. The dinosaurs are life sized figures which sound and move the way you would guess dinosaurs sounded like. The tickets were expensive, it was loud, but I LOVED it!! Pete actually fell asleep at one point. I can not fathom how. Christopher even liked it, but also fell asleep towards the end. He slept through the meteor blast, which is amazing, because at home he will wake up if you flush the toilet in the bathroom beneath his room. Maybe we can get a dinosaur soundtrack to play while he sleeps. The pictures I took were from far away so came out a bit blurry. The video sort of came out.

My five guys waiting for the show to start:

Grandma Liz and Vincent:
Christopher and I:
It really did look life-like in person!

Hanging with cousins Peter and Gian afterwards. Impossible to get 6 kids to look at the camera! Actually, it looks like Zach is the only one looking at the camera. Oh well.


Suzanne said...

This looks really amazing. We have entered the dinosaur phase with Mason. That is all he wanted to do at the museum on Monday. I now have homework to do about the BBC show and the traveling show. Thanks for the tip!

Mindy said...

My kids went to see this over the summer when it was here. They all loved it!