Monday, December 3, 2007

We have had a breakthough!!

We have been having sleeping problems with Vinnie the last few months. Lack of sleeping problems, actually. He has taken to waking up at 4:30 am, hungry and ready to eat breakfast. This started before the time change so we can't completely blame it on that. We have tried bringing him in bed with us, begging, and losing tempers ( well, mine). Nothing has worked. We finally decided that maybe he needed to stop napping during the day, so stopped those a few weeks ago. This has left us with one exhausted boy by 6 pm! He falls asleep early, but we poke him and feed him in an attempt to keep him up. We desperately try to keep him up until close to 8 pm. Pete says this is bordering on child abuse. I think if continues waking up so early there will be some real child abuse happening!! Here is Vinnie falling asleep.

He fell asleep on our couch during a very noisy
end-of-the-year soccer party. We had 8 screaming 5 year olds in the house at the time.

Minutes before the Disneyland Parade. I spent half the parade shaking him in a desperate attempt to wake him up.

This happened while he was rolling around on the floor with Christopher. We just left him here until we were ready to take him up to bed. The kids were just playing around him like he was an inanimate object.

But we have had a breakthrough!! He slept until 6:30am the last 2 mornings! Woo Hoo!! Tonight he actually stayed up until 8 pm. I hope this means his whacked out clock has been reset. Now if we could just straighten out Christopher's sleeping habits!

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Suzanne said...

This is wonderful news since I woke up with two boys in my bed this morning and poor Bill was teetering on the edge.