Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our Gingerwood House

The kids and I decorated our gingerwood house over Thanksgiving weekend. A gingerwood house is like a gingerbread house, but made of wood and is permanent. It is pretty cool. I learned you really do have to make the frosting stiff or it slides off the house taking all the candy with it. Other then that, the kids had a blast and so did I!

Here it is before frosting.

Frosting sliding off

Christopher eating the candy

Our finished product!!

( I took several pictures of all the boys with the house. This was actually the best one of the bunch. Oh well)


Suzanne said...

Isn't it amazing how much fun it is when you don't have to worry about the house falling in? I love the red and green swirly treats.

Dav DiDi said...

Hi ..

Your kids are so loving!!!!
And the ginger house is nice.