Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rite of Election

Today was the next step on my jounrey to Catholicism, the Rite of Election. This portion is only for those who have not been baptised. It started with a small ceremony at my parish during mass. My sponsor is asked if I am ready to move on. I half expected Father Larry to say "Speak now or forever hold your peace". I then had to sign the Book of Elect.

I then had to attend another mass later in the afternoon at a huge cathedral downtown. The church was absolutely stunning! The following picture does not do the ceiling justice. This mass was presided by the Bishop of the San Jose diocese, Fr. Patrick. There was about 200 or so people from other parishes all there to be elected. There was a small mass, then a procession with each parish walking up to the alter, having our names read, then bowing to the Bishop. It was all pretty cool (except all the incense which made my allergies go haywire!).
This is after the ceremony. I actually managed to get up to the Bishop to have my picture taken!

The next big step is the actual baptism, confirmation, and first communion which all takes place at the Easter vigil. I hope I don't have to get all the way in the fountain!


Suzanne said...

This is such an amazing journey for you. I wish I were in San Jose to participate in it with you. I'm glad you are documenting it on your blog!

Andi said...

Oh Michelle, how awesome! Even though I am not a currently practicing Catholic, it will always be a big part of me. I am very proud of you! You look so happy and cute in that pic. ;)