Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Joey!

My little Joe-bear is six years old today!!

Here are some things about our Joey:

1. Joey has charisma with a capital C! He has that certain something that draws people, especially girls/women, to him. This will take him far in life!
2. When he was little he had fluid in his ears, causing him to be speech delayed. He still talks with a bit of a New England accent. People have actually asked me where he is from! I think it is adorable.
3. He is an amazing athlete! He runs as quick and gracefully as a gazelle. He can handle a soccer ball beyond his years. He has outstanding baseball skills. He is naturally gifted.
4. He is my loving, cuddly guy, giving hugs and telling me he loves me frequently.
5. He needs to be with people. He doesn't even like to sleep alone, crawling in bed with Vinnie most nights. He once stated, "Vinnie keeps me warm like toast." I predict he will be the first one married because of this.

6. He is my silly little clown, shaking his booty and always making faces for the camera.
You are the best Joey!!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

You guys are in trouble: You have a son with amazing eyelashes, who has an exotic accent, plays sports well and likes to snuggle! The girls are going to be calling all the time. Mark my words. Happy 6th birthday, Joey!