Saturday, May 17, 2008

Graystone walk-a-thon

Yesterday we had our annual walk-a-thon at the kids school. It is the years biggest fund raiser and tons of fun. While the kids are walking themselves to exhaustion, the parents walk around bidding at the silent auction on lots of great stuff. Pete and I help to sponsor the event and get to have an ad placed in the auction book, along with our name on the shirts:

Of course this years event corresponded with our first heat wave of the summer. The temperature was 100 degrees during the day when the kids walked. Pete got called to pick up Zach because he got a migraine. He mentioned that the nurses office was filled with kids sick from the heat! They did have a mister for the kids and parents spraying them down as they walked. Joey was super excited about his first official walk-a-thon.
Vinnie also got to walk with his big brothers:
Pete and I did pretty well. We ended up with tickets to a 49er game, night at a bocce ball court ( I only vaguely remember bidding on that), and a framed art weave made by Joey's class ( I'll post picture when I get it). I think we did more then our fair share to support the school!

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Suzanne said...

Yay for good sports on such a hot day!