Sunday, May 18, 2008

Look out Bruce Lee!!

Zach had his testing for his black belt on Saturday. He did awesome!! Prior to the actual testing on Saturday, he had to turn in 6 essays answering various questions. He then had to pass the pretest as mentioned here.
On the day of testing the kids had to be at the studio at 6:30 am for a 3.5 hour conditioning session. The parents were not allowed to watch this portion, but it entailed lots of running, sit ups, push ups and going over their forms. Zach looked great when it was over and said it was fun! The test itself was about 2.5 hours long.

He had to perform the various forms:

He had to spar. First it was against other students. Then it was 2 instructors against each student.
The most nerve wracking portion for me was the board breaking. He had to break 3 boards with 3 different kicks.
Below is video of him actually breaking the board.

There was also a weapons portions where they used their staff, escrima and sai. I did not get any usable pictures of this.

Mr. Triantos tying on his black belt:
With his friends Zachary and Jeremy Dworkin:
The new first and second degree black belts:
Zachary, I am so proud of you!


Suzanne said...

What an incredible accomplishment! Yay, Zach!

cardiogirl said...

I love those kind of candid photos (the one where the teacher is tying the black belt and holding Zach up) because you caught his actually elated joy radiating out of his eyes and smile.