Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A sprinkle and a swim

We finally had Vincent and Christopher baptized on Sunday. We asked Augie and Francesca (our nephew and niece) to be Vinnie's godparents and Lisa and Mike (Pete's sister and bro-in-law) to be Christopher's godparents. The baptism was done as part of mass and really was beautiful.
Vincent layed his head over the font and turned to give the whole parish and big smile. It was a total crack up!
Much to my surprise, Christopher did not let out a peep.

After mass, we had a get together in our backyard. The kids swam for hours.

Even Pete and I hung out for a bit in the pool.


Suzanne said...

Christoper and Vinnie look angelic. I can't believe they took cold water in stride. Could it be that all of the splashing in the pool prepared them or are they just hams when it comes to attention?

cardiogirl said...

Congratulations! Water is rejuvenating regardless of the context, isn't it?