Sunday, June 22, 2008

The road to 26.2 miles

I have officially started my marathon training. I really feel like I am starting from zero after taking 2 weeks off of running to deal with my hip. So far my pain is only minimal and I am continuing with physical therapy, so hopefully the pain will remain tolerable. When I said something to my orthopedic doctor about "being pain free", he laughed. He said there is no such thing as pain-free when training for a marathon! So tolerable pain is my new goal!
Here is my week in running:

Tues-4 miles
Thurs-3 miles
Friday- 5 miles
Sunday- 5.2 miles

Total-17.2 miles

The hardest thing for me this week has been holding back on my mileage. I was running 9 miles prior to taking my break, but am slowly building back up to minimize the chance of re-injuring myself. I will keep this log at the top of my blog and update weekly.


Karly said...

Way to go! I just signed up for our local gym and I'm so excited to get started...don't think I'll be up for running any marathons anytime soon though! But, hey, maybe you'll inspire me, right? ;)

Suzanne said...

Awesome! I am glad you are keeping a running log. You will pave the way for me in my training. PS. I like the term "tolerable pain."

cardiogirl said...

Do you run on a treadmill, or outside for these miles? I had been running (left knee doesn't want to tolerate it and I'm a wuss so now I use the elliptical machine) on a treadmill and I noticed a significant difference when running outside against the wind and up and down pavement.

Just wondering if the heat out there is tolerable while running. Good luck and happy training!