Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What was I thinking??!!

We started our bathroom remodel yesterday. We are completely redoing the boys bathroom. We are also redoing the downstairs bathroom and laundry room because we had a triple flood in there a couple of weeks ago and the floor is warped. And since we have to replace the floor we might as well replace the sink and toilet. And the door that goes out the garage. And the bathroom door. And the laundry room cabinets.

Here is what the boys' bathroom looked like
Ugly, ugly, ugly...
See how there is only 1 sink?
Here is what the boys bathroom looks like now. Actually, the tub is gone now too.
The downstairs bathroom is as gutted as the upstairs. Exciting stuff, no? Except that I have out of town company this weekend. And we are having a pool party with 35 people on Saturday. The only remaining toilet is in our master bathroom. Great timing on my part, huh? Who doesn't want a bunch of kids in dripping wet bathing suits traipsing up the stairs through the master bedroom? I think I will make anyone under the age of 10 pee in a bucket in the backyard.


cardiogirl said...

Oh my. It's amazing how different a bathroom looks when it's gutted. First of all it seems so much bigger without all of that essential stuff, like a toilet and sink.

Secondly, damn girl BOTH bathrooms are like that! And that bites that the party coincided with the remodel and now you have your private bath open to all.

I think a bucket and a privacy screen in the backyard is the way to go. For anyone under 10.

Lastly, is this a professional remodel -- with a contractor -- or is this something you and your husband are doing? Because if you're doing it yourself, wow you have guts.

If a contractor is doing it I suppose there's hope it will be done much sooner than later.

Good luck!

Suzanne said...

Looks like I will be restricting my beverage intake from 8 pm on...

You are a brave girl. I hope you love the remodel so much that the inconvenience fades from your memory.