Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nothing gets by these boys...

Zach's thoughts on th realism of Star Wars

Zach: "You know what makes Star Wars so non logical?"

Me: "What Zach?"

Zach "How are they breathing out there in space? That is just non logical?

Since Vincent is out of school for the summer, he came to Gymboree with Christopher and I last week. I used to go with Vincent when he was a toddler.

Vincent: "So where is Gymbo the clown? Is he coming today?"

Me: "He is right there, " I said, pointing to the big stuffed clown in the corner.

Vincent: "No, the real Gymbo. When I was here, the real Gymbo came!"

Overheard at breakfast one morning, while the boys were watching The Wiggles:

Joey: "That dog and dinosaur are just people in costumes. Do you know how I can tell?"

Zach: "How Joey?"

Joey: "See how their mouth doesn't move? That's how." (anyone who has seen the show knows that the dog walks upright and is bigger then the people!)

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Suzanne said...

Having just been to your house, I have seen first hand how smart your boys are. This is just a small taste of what kind of conversation goes on in the Contini house.