Saturday, June 28, 2008

We do...again!

As part of my conversion to Catholicism, our priest wanted Peter and I to get married in the church. We had a civil ceremony the first time, but apparently this is not recognized by the church. I figured he would have the 2 of us in his office, go over our vows, and voila, we would be sinners no more. Nope. Father Larry is a bit of a traditionalist and wanted us to do the full Catholic mass ceremony. So that is what we did!! We had a small group attend. My best friend Suzie came from Indiana to reprise her role as matron of honor. My mom came up, and a few from Pete's family attended. It waa actually quite nice!

Here we are leaving for the church. What you can not see from this picture is that Vincent threw up all over the kitchen about 10 minute before this. I managed to throw his head over in time saving us all.

Having fun exchanging our vows:

We had a yummy banana cake from my favorite bakery, Icing on the Cake.

Cutting the cake. Check out Zach goofing off behind us!

Suzie has some pictures on her blog as well, go check it out!

Pete, Thanks for being such a great sport. I love you so much I would marry you again and again!!


Suzanne said...

You can certainly say a lot with just photos. It was really a great day!

Suzanne said...

The post was great without the copy but it is even better with it. I'm happy you two found each other...again. You balance each other well and are a great match.