Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living with Al Gore

Zachary is currently going through an "energy conservation, save the earth" phase. This has been preceded by both the "bible thumping" phase and the "lock every door in the house before he goes to bed" phase. Recent conversations with Zach go something like this:

While watching fireworks:

Zach: "Is the smoke from those fireworks bad for the environment"

Me: "No Zach, it is OK"

Zach: "How do you know? What kind of smoke is it? Where does it go?"

Me: "Hmmm... I am not sure"

While sitting in the van with Pete while I run into store:

Zach: "Dad, Is there anyway to play the radio without leaving the car running. You are wasting gas and that is bad for the environment"

Upon hearing we are getting solar for the pool (but thinking it was solar for the entire house)

Zach: "When is the solar coming? We waste too much electricity in this house!"

He was very disappointed when I explained it would only be used to heat the swimming pool.

He has also been quite upset when seeing news coverage of all the fires. He worries about the effect of all the smoke on the environment. Socially aware and responsible child? Or early stages of OCD and anxiety? Time will tell!


Suzanne said...

THAT is really funny. He's always asked very thoughtful questions. I'll pray for you and Peter. I know you have a lifetime of them in front of you.

Zach's got a good heart. I'm voting for socially aware and responsible.

MotheringBoys said...

LOL! He sounds so much like my Kadin. :)

Shawna said...

Hahahaha! This is soooo funny because my eight year old is quite the activist himself and has gone through the "evangelist stage" the "money saving" phase, and also a "real estate" phase (i think he had big plans to flip properties). But ofcourse NOW it is also the big save the planet stage, and he is making me crazy too, the lights are always getting switched off on me, and he won't stop drilling me on recycling! LOL seriously, it is not easy being Al Gore's mom!