Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zach's half birthday party

No, we did not have half of a birthday party! Zach is 9 1/2 years old. Since his birthday is 1 week before Christmas, we typically have his party on the half birthday (loosely speaking. We have had a busy summer so we are a month late. The beauty of the half birthday is, it doesn't really matter!) For the first time we went with a slumber party. It went great!!

First we had some swimming:

Then we had pizza for dinner. After dinner the boys tie-dyed (is that right?) some t-shirts and pillow cases. Fun, but MESSY!! When I was busy helping the boys, the ones that were done started filling up rubber gloves with water . Needless to say that turned in to the next project!

Zach with his shirt and pillow case:
They turned out great!!

Zach requested a football cake. After the pirate cake for Joeys birthday, I must think I am the next Martha Stewart! I was pretty happy with it though. I made home made cream cheese frosting and colored it brown. The brown looked more like baby poo then a football. Clearly it would have been easier to just use chocolate frosting!! The trim and lettering is rolled fondant.

Zach and I burned some CD's of his favorite songs. When I asked Zach which songs he wanted to use, the first one he said was The National Anthem! What a crack up! I used itunes to print up the insert for the CD case, then printed up a label for the actual CD. The CD serves as both the take home gift (along with their tie dye creations) and a thank you card.

Lest anyone thinks I am ultra creative and brilliant, I am not. The pillow case and CD idea I borrowed from Chanel, and changed it slightly. I had the boys tie dye instead of paint, and I turned the CD into a thank you. Thanks Chanel!

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Suzanne said...


Love that picture of Zach walking on water. :-)

You continue to amaze me with your cakes. What a high birthday bar you are setting!