Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Contini Summer Staycation

For various reasons we decided to go with the stay at home vacation this year. The main reason is our upstairs bathroom remodel has blown to epic proportions, and in fact is still not even done. Pete and I both took some time off and we had a blast home with the kids!

Grandma Liz came for 6 days, which was wonderful!
On Wednesday, Pete and I took Zach and Joey to a San Francisco Giants game. We splurged for awesome seats behind home plate and had so much fun.
On Thursday we drove to Monterey and went to the aquarium. We haven't been since Vincent was a baby. The kids loved it. We stayed the night at a hotel that turned out to be quite a dive. It sounded nice on the website and based on the price I figured it would have been a lot nicer then it was. Oh well. The kids didn't care and thought it was the greatest thing ever. We went to a restaurant that night and Christopher did great! He didn't scream once and did not throw any food. We haven't been able to take him to a restaurant in close to a year, so we are excited to have finally passed another hurdle. Woo hoo!
Chrisptopher loved the fish, but was scared of the jelly fish. Go figure.
After spending the night in Monterey, we drove up to Capitola and hung out at the beach on Friday. It was a bit cold ( I had on a sweatshirt the entire day), but again, the kids did not care and we all had a great time.

Aren't my boys handsome?


cardiogirl said...

They *are* so handsome -- your boys, that is.

Man, Grandma Liz looks pretty darn young to have four grandchildren -- she probably has more, but she's lookin' good for a grandma.

Suzanne said...

That is a fun recap of your time off. Just goes to show, you don't need to go far to take in great sights, especially where you live.

MotheringBoys said...

Grandma Liz is gorgeous!! And those boys. They make me smile. What a terrific family you have. Looks like you can always find fun things to do in your own backyard! :)