Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome home Zach!!

Zachary is home from camp!! We went to pick him up this morning. Kennolyn plans out a half day where you follow your camper around and observe him doing all his activities. We left the two younger kids alone, but brought along Joey since he really wants to go next year. I was so bummed to realize my camera had dead batteries. These pictures were taken with a disposable camera and for the most part came out terrible! You get the idea though.

First there was a little ceremony introducing all the counselors and cabins. Zachary was clearly annoyed with me and my camera. Guess I was cramping his style!

Here he is on the climbing wall. I was SHOCKED to see how high up he climbed. Zachary is not a dare devil by nature and will not go near a roller coaster at a theme park. I was so proud to see that he really stepped outside his comfort zone.
He also learned archery. He hit the target every time!
He had something called "Outdoor Adventure" Not quite sure what that was, but he whittled a stick with a knife and learned how to camouflage with mud and leaves. I guess it was a survival type course.
Here he is riding a zip line in his junior ropes course. He just climbed up a huge tree and jumped without hesitation.
He also had a class called "Fun Science". They had a bottle rocket demonstration which tipped over and hit Zach in the face. Our last stop of the morning was the nurses station which was staffed by an awesome nurse practitioner. An ice pack and some TLC and he was fine.

We asked Joey what he thought of the entire demonstration. He was a bit nervous about the high climbing and asked if he would have to do that. He was most scared when Zach told us he tried "foil stew" and told us what was in it. Apparently eating carrots is a much riskier feat to Joey then climbing a wall or jumping out of a tree.

Welcome home Zach!! Our family once again feels complete.


Suzanne said...

I have heard that camp transforms kids. Sounds like you brought home a new and improved kid yourselves. I would love to hear more about foil stew. Joey's reaction made me laugh out loud.

Steph said...

Wow, that looks so cool. Now I wish I had been brave enough to go to camp as a kid! :) Don't you love it when your kids accomplish something that is so out of their comfort zone? I love moments like that - makes my heart swell with pride. Welcome home Zach!!

Kathy said...

That looks like fun and it seems he grew a ton while he was gone! I know you are super glad to have him home. Now, how do I sign Kadin up for that camp? LOL!