Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Pete!!

Today my husband celebrates his 43 rd birthday. Woo hoo! Not a day goes by where I don't wonder how I got so lucky as to snag him. Here are just a few of the things I love and admire about him.

1. He is so supportive as a husband. No matter what, I know he's got my back. He has stood by me through job changes, as well as several other bumps in the road.

2. He works out and is in great shape. Besides making him yummy to look at, I know he is in good health and will be around a long time. ( I once commented that I hoped I died before him. He said, "Yeah, I hope you do too." )

3. I can not imagine a better, more involved father to our children. He is as involved with every aspect of their lives as I am. He always coaches at least one of their soccer and baseball teams, sometimes 2 at once.

4. He is such a great coach, he is usually the most requested one, with way more families requesting him then can fit on the team. This is because he is fun, enthusiastic, and actually teaches them the skills.
5. He is always the life of the party. We were at a Bar Mitzvah last Saturday for my friends son, but that didn't stop Pete from completely taking over the "Name that Tune" game. Seriously, he can go to a party knowing no one there, and mingle with anyone. As I tend to have a bit of social anxiety myself, I admire this quality immensely.

6. He has a great sense of humor. He cracks me up daily. Sometimes I am the only one that gets his humor (although only if we are with a group of stuffy doctors). I enjoy being with him.

7. He is an awesome pediatrician. He is fun and goofy, so the kids love him. He is easy to talk to, so the moms love him too. Whenever I have a question about one of my patients, I call him for advice.

8. He is a great son to his mother. Family is important to Pete, and he keeps in close contact with his mom, taking the boys over for visits on his day off. He is setting a wonderful example for our boys, who I hope will do the same with me!

I love you Pete! I am honored to be your partner in parenting, your partner in life, and soon to be your partner in business!


cardiogirl said...

Happy 43rd, and here's to another 43!

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Peter!

I would add that you are a wonderful example of a duck. I have never seen anything phase you. Stuff just rolls right off your back.

You have an infectious laugh and lots of charisma.

You balance Michelle out well and together you make a great team!

Hope you enjoyed your BJ's dinner and maybe a whopping slice of banana cake.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Michelle what a wonderful entry it brought tears to my eyes. It shows how much you love and adore him (actually I do too). BTW what were you doing up so late? Love Mom